Virtual Lap Band Diet and Nutrition

When you are able to eat solid foods without problems, you will need to pay close attention to you diet. Liquids will pass through the reduced stomach pouch quickly and will not make you feel full. You should avoid high-calorie drinks from this point on. Drink water, broth, tea and coffee (without sugar).

Chew your food well and eating small bits at a time. Eat only three small meals a day. Make sure that these meals contain adequate nutrients. A healthy meal has vegetables, fruit, meat, bread and/or dairy products.

10 important rules

Here are ten rules of Lap Band (Virtual) Surgery Diet for eating, drinking and exercise that will help you get the best results you can with the VIRTUAL LAP BAND System. How willing you are to follow a new way of eating is a key to making the operation a success.

1.Eat only three small meals a day

2.Eat slowly and chew thoroughly (10-20 times a bite)

3.Stop eating as soon as you feel full

4.Do not drink while you are eating

5.Do not eat between meals

6.Eat only good quality food

7.Avoid fibrous food

8.Drink enough fluids during the day

9.Drink only low-calorie fluids

10.Exercise at least 30 minutes a day (even a walk)

Foods to Avoid

Some foods have a concentrated supply of calories with little nutritional value and should be avoided as much as possible. They include:

Sugar and foods containing large quantities of sugar, such as:

•High-calorie soft drinks








•High-fat foods including:



•Chips pastries

Alcoholic drinks should also be consumed in moderation

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