If losing weight for your health, and well being is not enough, I will pay you, $1 for every pound you lose up to 50 pounds. You must lose the first 25 pounds before any incentives are paid out. Ask for further details at your first session.

Our Services Include:

Session 1: The first session meeting we will discuss your goals and the past failures that you had. Everyone knows that diets just don't work and will power is temporary. Your lifestyle and what you eat will be examined. You will also have a hypnosis session on stress, confidence, and self esteem, and a simple weight loss session to prepare you.

You will receive at this time your Lap Band manual, wrist band, CD's, and "virtual stomach".

Session 2: Then you will be explained on how the "surgery" will work and the hypnosis process involved. In this session you will learn a process of relaxation, overcome any fears that you may have associated with surgery since this will be a "virtual" surgery and make you feel as if you are really undergoing the surgery. You will also have 2 hypnosis sessions for weight loss and band preparation.

Session 3: This day is the day of the actual "surgery" where the bariatric surgery (band) will be "performed" while in the stress free state of hypnosis. After the "surgery" you will be given tools, subliminal messaging, and positive reinforcement to carry you onto your goal...Yes, you do have a goal of what you would like to be don't you?

Each above sessions are anywhere from 3-7 days apart.

Then 3 to 4 weeks later you will receive your follow up hypnosis session should you need it, where the gastric band can be tightened if needed and the effects of the surgery and your goals are reinforced.

You will also receive free:

1. Complete hypnosis session for stress CD (which is a major factor for weight gain)

2. Positive suggestion CD for reinforcement. These are subliminal message that you play and really don't have to listen to because your subconscious mind will pick them up.

3. Positive message CD with subliminal messages to keep you caring for yourself

4. If you smoke, you will be given a free "No Smoking CD & No Smoking Subliminal Message CD (must be requested)

5. Low impact fitness guide to keep a healthy heart

6. Nutritional information for meals and to maintain your goal weight

7. Email support

FREE CD's. Should you also need any special CD's they will be provided.

Complete Package price:

*** Internet special $1500

Other Lap Band consultants start at $1900!

Including Free CD's - email support - printed

materials - follow up

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